from clients happy with Melissa Wood’s natural health services

“When I first came to Melissa, I was at a point in my life where I knew I had to make some changes in my life to become healthier. I found myself with increased amount of fatigue, aches and pains, and an overall unhealthy physical state. It was also very important to be able to start a positive path naturally and something that would be sustainable long-term. I was searching for a change in my overall well-being, not a a short-term fix.

“Melissa has been very attentive, patient, informative and knowledgable. Her expertise in the field enabled her to provide me with not only the natural supplements to help my body heal from years of abuse, but also practical advice I could implement to slowly improve my daily habits.

“After just one month I could tell a difference. I felt less fatigued, more focused, and energized. I found I was motivated to continue the path of improvement and am happy to say have made significant positive changes in my life, and feel stronger and healthier.” T.S. — San Antonio

“I want to thank you for the care you’ve provided me over the past two years. From the beginning I felt safe and comfortable with you. I described my symptoms and you looked through to find the underlying problem and treated the cause. My recovery and the fact that I’m now prescription-free is due to your keen understanding of the body and mind and their relation to one another. I feel my complete recovery wouldn’t have been achieved without your care!” E.J. — San Antonio

“For over 10 years, I did not have any health insurance. Since all of my medical care costs were out of pocket, I could choose where to get medical advice and treatment. I chose to go to Melissa because I knew she would look at my whole body – mental, emotional, and physical – and help determine the best course of action for whatever issues I was having.

“Melissa’s background and experience made it possible for me to stay healthy during this time, and I would have been even healthier if I had followed all of her advice. She is a gifted healer. She listens. She has a wealth of knowledge and she uses that knowledge effectively.” C.D. — San Antonio

“I was looking for natural healthcare [solutions] because allopathic healthcare was only treating our symptoms and not educating our family as to the root of our problems. My lonely attempt at educating myself was time-consuming, draining and inconclusive, so I found Melissa to help fill in the gaps.

“My daughter and I are doing well and better understand how to manage our health problems now. Now, when other members of the family try to unintentionally give us something that hinders our well being, we can politely refuse with the benefit of saying, The doctor says no. Melissa has taken a lot of my burden away.

“My daughter’s eczema has improved greatly and Melissa has given me the confidence and motivation to stay healthy.” D.M. — Schertz

“Melissa Wood is truly one of a kind. She really took the time to listen about my health concerns and answered all of my questions. Melissa is a supportive, caring and committed naturopathic doctor who goes out of her way to provide preventive care and helps people meet their health goals.

“I was seeking natural health care due to anxiety, hot flashes and sleepless nights that accompany menopause. With the flower remedies that she provided, I was quickly able to find “peace & calm” and it was easy for me to feel human again. Not only that, Melissa provided a great deal of information about the power of the remedies.

“She has also educated me regarding nutrition, supplements and essential oils and has given me many great tips on how to meet my health goals. Melissa epitomizes what an excellent natural health care provider should be: She treats people like they matter and has a thorough understanding of the body and treatments that help the body heal itself. She is an outstanding individual and I highly recommend her as a person and a naturopathic doctor.” L.E. — Dallas

“I had tried conventional medicine for depression and I did not feel like myself at all. Therefore, I was looking for something that would help me face some hard decisions that I needed to make with a clear head.

“Melissa is wonderful to work with because she is always 100 percent honest with her advice and treatment recommendations. Her feedback has not always been easy to hear, but it has always been key in helping me get to a healthier place in my life.

“Melissa is also good at tailoring her treatment methods to the specific wants/needs of her diverse client base. Thanks to Melissa, I was able to walk out of an extremely unhealthy relationship, and slowly but surely get my feet back under me emotionally, professionally and financially.

“Then, I was able to identify the qualities that I deserved in another person, and soon after met my husband. I honestly believe that if I had not started working with Melissa, I would still be accepting less than I deserve from other people in my life. Thanks to her, I am in a wonderful place (and physically healthier than I have ever been).

“In addition, I am now at my ideal body weight for my height thanks to the cleanse which was amazing! I would recommend that to everyone and I am now much more conscious of what I am putting in my body regarding bad chemicals.” A.M. — Dallas

“If you are looking for guidance and support in feeling better, contact Melissa Wood right away. Her depth of knowledge in natural remedies and nutrition is phenomenal. As part of her Balance Wellness Coaching Program, she came to my house and we discussed the food in my pantry and refrigerator.

“Melissa enlightened me in healthy food alternatives and a common-sense approach to switch as food is used up … gradual change with a firm but understanding attitude. Melissa also went with me while I did my grocery shopping. She helped decipher food labels and instructed me in healthy food choices.

“During our conversations in person, phone calls, and emails I learned a great deal about other remedies too such as Bach flower, EFT (emotional freedom technique), essential oil, supplements, exercise, etc. Helpful healthful remedies abound and Melissa is a knowledgeable guide. Do yourself a favor and contact her.” K.R. — Windcrest

“Meeting Melissa has meant the difference to me of being on heavy anti-depressants or being healthy and free of all medications. Moving from England to America to be near my son and his family was a big change but all seemed well until I went back to the UK for a visit. I was away for three weeks and when I returned I sank into the sort of depression I had had once before when I could barely function. That time I’d been prescribed anti-depressants and had been ill for months.

“Melissa’s use of the Bach remedies – she made me a remedy just for my symptoms – quickly made a difference. I was astonished to find I was free of depression in less than two weeks. Now, four years later, if I feel any threat of depression I call Melissa and she always finds the right remedy.” V.G. — San Antonio

“Before I worked with Melissa, I went to numerous doctors and had way too many tests trying to figure out why I was off, my arms and legs tingled, my heart sometimes beat funny, I was tired, didn’t care about work or my hobbies and had to drag myself out of bed each day. All the doctors said I was OK and nothing was wrong, and yet I still had these problems.

“After the first few days of taking supplements, I was much better. After taking them for a few months, these symptoms were 90 percent gone. No doctor was able to help and wondered why I was even in their office. Melissa was able to look deeper and recommend what I needed.” D.K. — Midland

“I believe I have never met a nicer and more caring person than you. I feel you went out of your way to help me and my dogs at a very difficult time in my life. The divorce had a tremendous impact on me, as well as my dogs, and left me overwhelmed and depressed. I definitely saw improvement in my moods and emotions and began to think more clearly. Your prices were reasonable, especially for the attention I received. Thank you very much for your help!” D.S. — San Antonio

“I have been applying Melissa’s recommendations for over 8 years and through these years she has helped me with many emotional issues of various sorts using her knowledge of the Bach flower remedies. In addition to emotional work, she has also given me sound advice on physical healthcare and nutrition that I continue to benefit from. On several occasions, I have seen improvements in my health within a day. I will continue to call Melissa for my healthcare needs.” T.F.  — San Antonio

“Melissa is very thorough and professional. I had a chronic tickle in my throat due to allergies and acid reflux. The supplements Melissa recommended have made me feel stronger and less likely to come down with colds. The tickle in my throat has subsided, so my singing voice is more stable. Thanks Melissa!” E.K. — San Antonio

“Before I started working with Melissa, I was tired, had low energy and no get-up-and go, my periods were non-existent (a doctor thought I was actually in menopause!) and had pretty bad allergies (sinus problems). Now, I rarely have allergies, have significant energy, can handle lots of stress and sleep well. My cycle is normal and I don’t retain water any more.

“My brain is much clearer and life is just easier to handle. Also, my daughter had problems with learning and staying focused and staying motivated. Since we began working with Melissa, she is getting top marks in school for being a hard worker and she is getting good grades. She is actually enjoying school rather than dreading it. It has made life at home much more enjoyable and her future much brighter.” L.K. — Midland

“I have known Melissa since May of 2007. She was referred to me because some of my dogs had issues with loud noises. Just about anything would get them so excited, that they would get into a fight with each other. Initially Melissa came over to meet the dogs and a consult, but ending up helping my husband, the dogs and me with the flower remedies. They were a great success. In fact, two of my dogs have some new issues and I just emailed her to see what we can do.

“As far as for me, soon after our first consult, I was having hormonal changes with terrible mood swings and hot flashes. My regular family doctor had recently retired and I had no luck or understanding from the two new doctors I tried.

“When I contacted Melissa she listened intently to my symptoms and wasted no time getting me started on supplements that have made all the difference in the world. I recently tried to cut back on the supplements, but found out very quickly that I still desperately need them. I just recently had stomach issues that are stress-related and when I told Melissa she immediately started me on another flower remedy that worked instantly.

“Thank you so much Melissa… I couldn’t do it without you.” P.S. — Boerne