Can Natural Remedies help me with…

natural remediesThis is a very common question that I get asked a lot in my natural health practice. Almost daily, in fact, someone will ask me if I have “anything” that can help them with… (insert ailment, condition or symptoms here). Some of more common questions:

  • Can you help with my headaches?
  • I’m depressed and I have anxiety… Can natural remedies help?
  • Can you help with my stomach problems? I’m constipated/have IBS.
  • Can you help with my pain? My joints hurt/my back hurts.
  • I’m always tired and have lots of fatigue… Is there a natural substance that can help restore my energy?
  • I have allergies and don’t want to take allergy shots anymore.
  • My child has been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD… Is there something nutritional that I can do to help him or her?
  • I don’t sleep very well at all and taking sleeping pills makes me groggy the next day… Is there some natural and safe substance that can help me?

These are just a few of the more common questions I’m asked. And the answer to all of them is always YES. There are natural substances, herbs, essential oils and gentle therapies that can help your body get back into balance and feel better.

The beautiful thing about working with natural health remedies, therapeutic essential oils and whole food nutritional products, is that those items are all very supportive of the human body. They help to restore balance INSIDE the body. While you do your part to work on changing your lifestyle, daily habits and dietary intake, the supplements that I recommend not only support you in that endeavor, but actually FEED your body the essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytochemicals and antioxidants you need. All of the “good stuff” that helps your body repair damage, grow new cells and get back in balance.

The human body is designed to be “in balance.” People are not meant to have all of these symptoms and ailments that, unfortunately, plague so many of us today. Typically, natural substances do not cause side effects like most prescription medications. Instead, they support gentle healing, so you can get back to feeling your best.

So, again, the answer is YES. There are a wide variety of natural and herbal products that probably can help you with your (insert symptom or ailment here). Regardless of your health condition, nutritional, natural and herbal therapies, combined with other safe therapies and treatments, support lasting healing to help you be the best you can be.

As a Naturopath & Health Coach, I am passionate about helping you become the best you can be utilizing natural therapies. Read on to learn more About Me, the various Natural Health Services that I offer, read Testimonials from those I’ve helped and contact me to get started today!