Food Matters The Movie

food matters movie reviewIn my opinion, Food Matters is another MUST-SEE documentary for everyone on this planet, right after you finish watching Food, Inc.

Not only does this film discuss the importance of nutrition in our lives, but how we are being over-medicated by the medical community and BIG PHARMA at the expense of our good health.

Many of us already know these things intuitively, but this film really does a great job of bringing the facts out into the open!

The moral of Food Matters is one with which I very much agree: We must begin to actively accept and take responsibility for our own health, rather than relying on our doctors — who have very little if ANY nutritional training — to make the best decisions for us. Moreover, we must educate ourselves about the habits and foods that truly help our bodies heal.

If you are suffering with an illness, please know that your body can heal itself! But you must use the right tools and surround yourself with the right conditions — and people — in order to transform your health.

You can get better. You can get rid of your disease. You can get off your medication! This movie will answer a lot of your questions and help you understand why nutrition — not drugs — is the way to go! We need to have education and valuable nutrition in our lives, not more medication and poisonous toxins.

Please, watch Food Matters with your family and friends. (Buy the DVD directly from the online store or watch it instantly via Netflix streaming.)

Changing your lifestyle one step at a time adds up over the long term to support a new and improved optimum level of health for you. It’s not as hard as you think!