Alternative treatments for Chronic Pain

Alternative treatments for Chronic PainEvery day I see and talk to clients who live with chronic pain. Sometimes, these people have been in pain not only for several months, but for 10, 15 or even 20 years. To me, living in pain for up to two decades seems pretty extreme, yet people do it every day.

It is important to educate my clients on all of the options available to experience relief from their chronic pain. One of my challenges as a Naturopath: Many people don’t realize that natural remedies can make a SIGNIFICANT difference in their pain level. Changing your diet and lifestyle, adding nutritional supplementation and using essential oils, believe it or not, can make a HUGE difference in how you feel.

Part of that education is showing patients how their bodies works. I do this by recommending to them that they purchase at least one, if not both of the following books, written by Pete Egoscue:

Pain Free: A Revolutionary Method For Stopping Chronic Pain

Pain Free for Women: The Revolutionary Program For Ending Chronic Pain

Once you have a basic understanding of how important posture and structure is to the human body, you can better understand how the pain can be remedied when you start taking responsibility for your health and well being. The physical dysfunction that so many people experience as pain can be corrected once the body is able to maintain musculoskeletal functionality. This functionality can be accomplished by doing The Egoscue Method.

I highly recommend these books and The Egoscue Method to anyone in pain. Visit to learn more about how you can take an active role in your life (and find a clinic near you) and relieve your pain permanently. Please Contact Me for recommendations on supplementation that can help you feel better in the interim too.