Natural Healing for Animals

natural healing animalsHolistic treatments and therapies for pets are fast becoming popular and as more and more people use natural therapies for themselves, they are also seeking it for their animals.

Natural treatments and remedies work just as well with animals as they do with humans. Before conventional medicine, people and animals looked to nature to find a cure for whatever was ailing them. People learned from animals which flowers, herbs and plants were safe to eat or those which had medicinal properties. Many of the holistic therapies and remedies that are common today have been around for thousands of years and animals have been treated by these natural cures for as long as people have.

It is important to look at an animal’s lifestyle and home environment when working with them holistically. If there is stress in the household, often times the animal will become ill as a result. Their diet, exercise habits, how often and how much attention they receive, and their relationship with human family members and other pet family members, all must be taken into consideration.

I recommend the Veterinary Line of nutritional therapy from Standard Process©. They have a complete line of nutritional products that have been specifically formulated for animals and their special needs.  I recommend this line because their focus is on whole food nutrition, not fractionated vitamins and minerals like some other pet formulas. Feel free to visit their website to find a qualified Veterinarian near you that can help you in recommending the optimal nutritional program for your pet.

Of course, I am happy to help you with your furry friends, and in addition to the Standard Process veterinary line of products that I can order for you, I also frequently recommend Homepathic Remedies and the Bach Flower Remedies to help an animal return to balance. Contact Me today and let’s discuss your animal to see if I can help.