No Shots, No School – Not True

no shots no school not trueEvery year in the late summer, early fall while driving around San Antonio or most metro areas, you will inevitably see signs like these at public schools:

No Shots, No School, No Kidding!

Funny thing is, in Texas, this is simply NOT TRUE. In 2003, the Texas legislature passed changes to state statutes that give parents the right to not vaccinate their child if they choose.

While I’m not here to preach about how to raise your child, I strongly encourage you to educate yourself about the safety and efficacy of commonly used vaccinations.

To begin the process, you’ll want to review Dispelling Vaccination Myths by Rev. Alan Phillips.

You’ll also want to learn more about a powerful organization, Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education, that has many valuable resources to educate you about the dangers associated with certain vaccinations.

I also encourage you to spend some quality time researching on their site and in particular look up the information related to Texas too.

In Texas, you can submit a special form to exempt your child from receiving vaccinations. Schools are required to accept this form – it is the law.

In addition, you can go to the Texas Department of Health to fill out a request for exemption form for your children. Then, you can submit that form to exempt your child from receiving vaccinations. Texas schools MUST accept this form – it is the LAW.

I encourage you to make an informed decision about what really constitutes “the best” for your child by taking some time to educate yourself about vaccines.