Pick Your Own Vegetables and Fruits

pick your own vegetablesIt seems like you can’t read a magazine or newspaper or listen to the news or a talk show without being told by someone to eat your fruits and vegetables.

Of course, I’ve said more than my fair share about that as well on this website. As a Naturopath and Health Coach, Eating More Vegetables and Fruits is my Number 1 recommendation. In fact, you really can’t eat enough of them. Nature was kind enough to leave us with an abundance of colors, tastes and textures, all with their own unique and delicious healing power.

Unfortunately, as I’ve mentioned before, the produce you buy at the store often has been shipped from considerable distances and exposed to various toxins and poisons along the way to you – thus, most have lost much of their nutritional value.

But what if you can pick your own food at a local farm? I’m not talking about growing your own fruits and vegetables, although that would be ideal, but few us have the space nor the time!

Turns out, numerous farms throughout the United States offer this service. Visit Pick Your Own.org to find a farm near you and start picking your own fruits and vegetables.

Not only does this support a local farmer in your community, best of all, your fruits and vegetables will be fresh which will help them be better absorbed and utilized by your body.