Protecting Your Health: Doing a Detox The Healthy Way

If you’ve been learning how to live a healthier life by reading the articles on my website, you know a detox is a great way to get rid of the excess toxins that come into contact with, and accumulate in, your body every second of every day.

Although you may be living the healthiest life imaginable, all of us are exposed to toxins, merely by the water, the non-organic and processed foods and the air we consume.

Your skin, liver, digestive tract, lymphatic system and every other organ work constantly to neutralize and eliminate harmful substances from your body.

Unfortunately, countless exposures over the years to so many known and unknown things can create a toxic overload, leading to far greater problems and challenges to your body’s health.

How a Detox Helps

In my earlier article, I listed numerous conditions that could be helped by doing a 3-week detox, among them obesity, depression, headaches and insomnia. These health challenges just didn’t happen overnight to most people. More often than not, they occurred over a long, long time.

Making good, consistent decisions about your health in three key areas — exercise, stress management and nutrition — over the long run saves your body from much of life’s daily wear and tear.

A short-term detox program is one of many other holistic tools to jump-start your path toward optimized health. Many companies, like Metagenics and Standard Process, offer a detox program but it’s typically conducted under the supervision and direction of a qualified health practitioner.

Don’t Detox on Your Own

Getting help from a qualified practitioner is critical as many people are, in my opinion, too sick to do a detox effectively.

More often than not, most patients are already very sick from following a poor diet, enduring inadequate hormone levels and taking vast amounts of potentially toxic prescription drugs. So, what more harm could someone do by detoxing on their own?

A lot, actually.

For one, a detox will make many patients sicker as they are throwing off toxins. In fact, patients need assistance to get their body ready before the detox, help them during the process and, then, after it’s over on other ongoing health strategies.

What’s more, guidance from a health practitioner can help patients make better choices, and deal with any potential issues that come up (headaches, nausea or major skin problems).

Stay Away From The Quick Fix

Unfortunately, when people purchase a detox program online, quite a few do it based on a losing 20 pounds in 20 days! mentality. Generally, they are overweight, and want the quick fix now, or better yet, yesterday…

Even worse, patients who go it alone will get scared during the process and end up believing natural medicine didn’t work because “the detox made me sick.”

Many online companies don’t account for the fact that most patients, usually, aren’t healthy when they’re making these important health decisions. Typically, they’re reacting to a health crisis that happened to them very recently. (Not to mention, many detox programs are just a bunch of products that don’t do anything to address a patient’s current dietary habits.)

Recently, I was contacted by a potential client who wanted to lose weight and balance her hormones. Before our phone conversation, this client had been told by her sister about her own solo detox and how much weight she had lost. After our conversation, she chose to go it alone.

Will a detox help you lose weight? Absolutely! If you follow the same poor lifestyle habits that helped you get to the same bad place you were before a detox, however, you just wasted at least $300 and, for sure, will regain the weight you lost and probably a whole lot more.

Guidance From a Natural Health Professional is Necessary

A qualified, caring natural health practitioner looks at a patient’s complete history of health challenges from a broader, fuller perspective, and doesn’t focus on one-size-fits-all solutions.

She/he investigates prescription medication use — which has a direct impact on what detox products should be taken, or not — as well as a patient’s lifestyle and dietary habits, both past and present.

Fact is, getting support from a natural health practitioner for coaching, specialized advice and product recommendations tailored to the individual is essential to the success of any detox.

In closing, there is much more to being healthy than just focusing on losing weight. When your body is properly cleansed and you clean up a poor lifestyle, the weight will fall off effortlessly. Working one-on-one with someone who can guide you will ultimately be the best way to get this accomplished.

If you’ve been seeking guidance about treating health challenges naturally, take a minute to review my Services page, then Contact Me to learn more about how we can work together.