The Hunger Level Scale for Weight Loss

For those of you trying to lose weight, one of the more important things you must learn is how to listen to your body. That means identifying how hungry and full you are.

Before each meal, you should take a moment, take a very deep breath and try to identify how hungry you are. With that thought in your mind, look at the scale below. Are you at a Level 1, thus completely famished and ready to eat the entire contents of the fridge?

One of the things I recommend to clients is to eat every 2 hours to maintain blood sugar, even if it’s only a handful of almonds, a hard-boiled egg or a stick of cheese… Any kind of protein source that will help you feel more stable. When it comes time to eat a meal later on, you’re not starving and thinking about wolfing down the refrigerator!

Also while eating, it is good to check in with your body. Eat slowly, chew your food thoroughly until it is liquified. Be very conscious and concentrate on eating and enjoying your food. Put down the fork and take some deep breaths between each bite as this significantly aids in the digestion process. Notice how you feel and stop way before you get to Level 10 and you’re so stuffed that you can’t move.

The rule of thumb is to start eating at about Level 3 or 4 and stop eating at Level 6 or 7.

The Hunger Level Scale

Level 1 — Famished

Your stomach is completely empty; you’re weak and light-headed.

Level 2 — Starving

You’re uncomfortable and irritable and unable to concentrate.

Level 3 — Uncomfortably hungry

Your stomach is rumbling.

Level 4 — You’re slightly uncomfortable

You’re beginning to feel the signs of hunger and can’t wait to eat.

Level 5 — Neutral and comfortable

You’re more or less satisfied.

Level 6 — Completely satisfied.

You’ve eaten just the right amount of food and are completely comfortable. The key is to stop here.

Level 7 — Satisfied

At this point, you may be feeling a bit too full. If you don’t stop at this level on the hunger scale, you’ll soon feel ill.

Level 8 — Uncomfortably full

You feel bloated and are starting to feel uneasy.

Level 9 — Very uncomfortable and full.

You feel like loosening your clothes.

Level 10 — Completely stuffed and miserable.

You feel nauseated and need to take something for stomach relief. You can’t function, and you want to lie down.

Keeping this scale in mind before and during eating will help you to control your food intake and ultimately result in weight loss.