Common genetically modified foods

or, What’s In Your Corn?

Common genetically modified foods

A 2009 episode of the CBS series CSI: Miami (Bad Seed, 10/19/09) centered around two people who had been poisoned. Turns out, both had been exposed to bacteria. One person had eaten bacteria that was exposed to E-Coli and the other had eaten genetically modified organisms (GMO) corn that had been produced with bacteria to prevent insects from eating the crop.

The bacteria contained in the GMO food caused many problems and, in the end, the person died from Botulism.

So it made me start thinking about our food supply. Of course, I’ve known about genetically modified foods. But so many people I talk to have never even heard of it, nor do they know what it means in terms of poisoning our food supply and robbing us of our health.

So what does genetically engineered or genetically modified food really mean? In the simplest terms, a food’s DNA has been altered by a scientist in a laboratory. It’s a process done for several reasons, but the primary one is MONEY. GMO advocates believe if a plant’s DNA can be altered to resist insects, crops can be protected from damage.

The foods involved in this are many, according to the Seeds of Deception website, that has extensive information about GMOs. Here’s a short list of crops affected by the GMO blight:

  • Soy: 91 percent
  • Cotton: 88 percent
  • Canola: 80-85 percent
  • Corn: 85 percent
  • Hawaiian Papaya: More than 50 percent

That doesn’t take into account a very LARGE percentage of chickens, pigs and cattle that are being fed corn to fatten them up, likely from GMO crops. Consequently, those same animals are being slaughtered and served to us as food, meaning we are ingesting those GMOs indirectly too.

So what are the health risks to humans? Of course, food manufacturers and the FDA would like you to believe that consuming these foods is perfectly safe for humans. But I strongly disagree.

There is much research online about the dangers of “tweaking” our food supply (see resources and links below this post). The bottom line for me is that nature didn’t intend our crops to be tweaked.

It’s bad enough commercially grown produce is doused with herbicides and pesticides. But now we have to worry about some scientist in a lab purposefully manipulating the genes in the crop and, worse, inserting bacterias to make them resistant to insects…

Does this sound crazy to you too?

As a Naturopath, this is abhorrent to me. The human body is designed — and functions optimally — when consuming foods that are as close to natural as possible. Eating GMO foods are about as far away from healthy as you can get! Exposure to these chemicals is not good for us. Moreover, I believe our tainted food supply is directly contributing to the rise in allergies, digestive complaints, cancers, muscle and nerve diseases (and the list goes on and on) every day.

I urge you to review some of the websites listed below. But, first, I urge you to watch this wonderful 10-minute video lecture conducted by Jeffrey Smith, one of this country’s leading researchers on GMO issues.

If you’re alarmed after watching this video, it’s understandable. You probably realize how much more you have to do to get educated too. In the meantime, here;s some simple tips that will help you make better, healthier decisions today.

  1. Always buy organically grown produce.
  2. I don’t believe we are genetically designed to eat grains, but if you must, be sure you buy corn and grains that are labeled NON-GMO.
  3. When buying meat or chicken, look for grass-fed and free-range options.
  4. Buy meat and eggs that contain no hormones or antibiotics too.

Lastly, please feel free to share this information with your friends and family. Our health is directly related to the food we eat. Protect your health by eating as many natural and whole foods as you can.

Skip the poisons and the manipulated foods. Your body and your health will be better for it!

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