Why Choose Alternative Medicine?

why choose alternative medicineIn my experience, many Americans don’t understand the positive aspects of choosing natural treatments and alternative medicine over conventional therapies. With that in mind, consider these key points when you’re looking for the best and safest solutions for your health:

Alternative medicine…

Is Safe, Natural and Gentle. Most forms of alternative therapies are safe and non-invasive. Most herbs, homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplementation and options like massage, Reiki and acupuncture are all wonderful therapies that Naturopaths would considered safe and gentle. By the way, one might argue that acupuncture is an “invasive” procedure with the use of needles. As an advocate of acupuncture (and having benefited by the many sessions I’ve had), needles are used, but they are very tiny and you can hardly feel them at all. Certainly, they’re not as invasive as a surgeon’s knife! Of course, please be sure the supplements you’re taking are safe for you too.

Offers more choices. Since most health insurance companies do not cover natural therapies, you’ll have many more choices available to you when searching for help. Often, insurance companies regulate who you can and can’t see, but because they’re out of the picture, you are free to choose what type of natural therapy you would like and which practitioner to see. Because each state has different licensing and laws, however, always check a therapist’s credentials before using him or her.

Ensures you are heard. Most alternative medicine practitioners will take the time to really “listen” to you and evaluate your symptoms. In the typical conventional medicine scenario, sometimes, all you’ll get is a quick appointment. I’ve had patients tell me, in some cases, their visits with their doctor were timed and lasted only 3 minutes! Yikes! Most Naturopaths and Chiropractors will take significant time with you (especially the first visit) to really assess you and your health. We take into account the health of your whole body, not only your physical symptoms, but the emotional ones too.

You’re In Charge. Whether you decide to take some herbs or homeopathy for yourself or make that Reiki appointment, you’re in charge of what goes into your body and what happens to it. Of course, for serious illnesses, I always recommend you partner with a natural health care practitioner who can assist you directly. But if you just have the sniffles or some allergies, there are LOTS of alternative remedies you can learn about, then try them for yourself.

There are some wonderful natural healing books that I recommend to help you in your quest to better your health. Although I don’t have this book on my list, for those of you who want to try homeopathy, this book and homeopathic kit are my favorites to have in your home.

Also, essential oils are some of my favorite things to try to use for allergies, insomnia and other minor ailments.

Don’t be afraid to try some natural therapies. The benefits far outweigh any risks that you may have heard about.

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