Why Supplements Are Good For You

nutritional supplementsIf you’ve been taking nutritional supplements, even for a while, and enjoying nothing but health benefits, you may have been surprised to learn about the 10 “surprising dangers” associated with them in a recent and much hyped Consumer Reports cover story.

Not surprising, some of the dangers cited in this “expose” are topics we’ve discussed here.

For one, it’s much safer for your health to take supplements derived from whole foods than synthetic substances that only represent isolated or fractionated pieces (in some cases massive doses of some vitamins, and not enough of others).

Moreover, there’s a huge difference between supplements (and foods) labeled as natural – a legally-meaningless adjective manufacturers use to describe their products – and healthy-for-you organics, not to mention the processing and extra chemicals that can take a huge toll on your body.

So long as you’re doing your homework and following my tips for choosing the best and safest supplements for your health, however, you’ve taken some good first steps toward improving your health without taking a potentially harmful drug.

Supplements: The Real Benefits

Fact is, there are some wonderful, beneficial and common-sense health reasons why everyone would benefit from taking supplements.

1. Supplements help your body replenish the necessary amount of dietary nutrients it needs every day. This benefit is so vitally important, especially if you’re skipping meals or, worse, eating over-processed, overcooked, high-fat foods on the run.

(A side note: if you’re still using fast food restaurants as your primary source for daily nutrition, you’ll save money – and your health – buying most whole foods, full of natural goodies, versus cruising your favorite fast-food restaurants, selling fried, fatty foods of questionable origin that are ridiculously high in salt, sugar and other unpronounceable substances, according to a recent USDA study.)

2. Supplements are one important component of a healthy lifestyle that includes the right amount of exercise, sleep and better nutrition. On their own, supplements are no miracle, cure-all treatment, but they are certainly far less dangerous than taking prescription drugs. Along those same lines…

3. Busy people with busier lives – that’s just about all of us! – have so many more opportunities to be stressed, which can take a brutal toll on our bodies and weaken our immune systems. Taking supplements can help your body bridge that potential immunity gap, giving it the nutritional boost it needs to work at an optimal level.

4. Supplements do more to treat the true causes of health problems, safely, naturally and effectively, than drugs full of harmful chemicals that treat single symptoms or medical procedures prone to harmful and, often, deadly mistakes.

To that point, an estimated 200,000 Americans die every year due to medical errors. Compared to some reports of some 10,300 serious outcomes associated with supplements over a five-year period (and very few deaths), cited in Consumer Reports, the risk of being harmed by taking supplements appears to be very, very low.

You Will Need Help Choosing The Right Supplements

nutritional supplements storeUnfortunately, missing in almost every story listing the benefits of supplements (but not this one!) are some important questions worth considering as you’re making this important transition to optimal health.

  • Are you taking a prescription drug, or several?
  • How do you deal with the stressful issues that have prevented you from paying closer attention to your health?
  • What foods will you include or exclude in your daily diet that will better support your health?
  • How do you choose the right supplement/s for you out of thousands stocked in the average health food store?
  • Do you talk to your doctor regularly about the supplements and medications you take?
  • More to the point, does your doctor really know as much about nutrition and supplements in comparison to the dangerous drugs he/she prescribes every day? (Or, does your physician try to dissuade you from taking supplements because they’re not FDA-approved?)

Speaking from experience as a natural health practitioner for many years, most people don’t think twice about spending what it takes to maintain or fix their cars or their plumbing.

When it comes to investing a little bit of effort, time and money on their health and their lives, however, many people take the path of least resistance. They run to the health food store to ask the advice a stranger who knows nothing about their condition (and could care less about it) or what supplements they should actually be taking.

Have you been looking for a trained professional and partner to help you make the best decisions about treating your health naturally and more safely? Are you ready to make your health the top priority in your life?

No doubt, you have many concerns based on your individual health issues. I’m happy to answer questions you may have about the natural services I provide during a free, 10-minute consultation to help us get acquainted.

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